Water and Wastewater Services


The IES engineering department is qualified to create a comprehensive water treatment design for municipal and public water systems that can include a wide range of physical and chemical treatment systems. We can evaluate your water system and give you the information you require, whether it’s your system’s ability to meet VDH and ISO requirements, or its performance under present and anticipated future conditions. When a new design is in order, IES will help with modeling, siting and design, system control valves, and water main sizing.

We can also assist communities with planning and construction grant and loan fund applications. Plus, no matter what type of pump is required, IES can help you design your system in any configuration, including small booster pumps and hydropneumatic systems, fire pumps, and high service pumps.The IES team will be happy to produce drawings, specifications, and contract documents for your project. We can also perform contract administration and inspections.

If your needs revolve around wastewater systems, the IES engineering department still has you covered. We can devise a plan for the rehabilitation or replacement of your existing pumping station. We also design renovations that replace wetwells, and can replace vacuum lift pumps with submersibles or suction lift. If your need is an entirely new pumping station, IES can plan it.


Different situations need different water and wastewater applications, and consulting with IES will help you with any need you may have.‚Äč

IES can address Public Education and Notification requirements if they become necessary. We can also develop your Bacteriological Site and Disinfection Byproduct Plans, draft, implement and monitor your Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Plan for your drinking water application. We can provide monitoring and tracking of your testing requirements and can handle the periodic sampling and testing for the Department of Health.

After many years of handling utility management in Virginia, IES can help you design a solution for your new development or community, or help you find a better solution to your current setup. Our team is able to get the permits needed for your specific sytem, and walk you throught the application process.

In all applications, IES can respond to governmental inspections of your facility. IES can be your intermediary with regulatory agencies in many situations. If a utility or municipality finds itself in violation of regulations, IES can analyze the situation and help develop a plan to get in compliance as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can also negotiate with regulators to resolve the situation to satisfy both parties


When your management needs are bigger than daily maintenance, IES is still the company to call. IES is a licensed contractor with experience in installing, replacing, and repairing water and wastewater utilities. We can even assist in setting up utilities for residential communities.

As a utility contractor, IES can also install, repair, and maintain:

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Water Mains
  • Water Meter Connections
  • Collection Systems
  • Storm Water Systems
  • Lift Stations
  • Pumps
  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Distribution Systems

We also handle the installation, certification, and calibration of water meters. IES knows the value of your equipment and what an asset it is to your business, so we take great care in ensuring that it is properly maintained. We handle preventative maintenance and replacement when needed. Through our computerized Maintenance Management System (MMS), we can accurately administrate all equipment maintenance, and we keep detailed maintenance records on all the work we do on your equipment