Laboratory Services

Inboden Environmental Services is proud to offer a full service lab with tests ranging from waste and drinking water to soil. We are easily able to handle water testing for entire municipalities or a walk-in residential customer, with efficiency. Traditionally, to get test results, you’d have to wait days while your sample travels to the lab, is tested, and the results are sent back. Having an in-house lab allows IES to cut that turnaround time significantly.

IES can also provide training classes for your current employees to become proficient in Quality Assurance/Quality Control standardization, and to ensure that they are certified in Initial Demonstration of Operator Competency (IDOC) standards. Any time that there is a change in operators, methods, or change of equipment, IES can handle the necessary retraining of your workers. When on-site lab work is required, IES will train your operators on your equipment, guaranteeing that they know how to collect samples and perform correct analyses with the same equipment they will be using every day on the job.

IES lab can also provide calibration service for laboratory thermometers and analytical equipment with thermistors to NIST standards. IES can also calibrate and certify water meters up to 1”, electronic flow meters, and in-line instrumentation such as turbidimeters, colorimeters, and pH monitors

Laboratory Tests We Offer

Soil NitrateAlkalinityBOD5/CBOD5
ChlorideChemical Oxygen DemandConductivity
Total HardnessAmmoniaNitrate and Nitrite
TKNOrtho PhosphorusTotal Phosphorus
TSS/TDS/TVSSulfateE. Coli
Drinking Water BacteriaOil and GreaseFecal Coliform